Garden party for participants

Garden party

For your possibilities of meeting and chatting with AI researchers, a party will be held in the front garden of Rurikouji-temple. Which is a fantastic place with the five-storied pagoda (national treasure). You can enjoy foods and drinks from Yamaguchi prefecture (In Japanese, Chisan-Chisyo (produce and consume in the same district)!!) In addition, you can enjoy Sagi-ryu Kyogen, which has been preserved for 110 years. If you like, you can experience making an Ohuchi-nuri (Yamaguchi’s traditional lacquer ware) (around JPY700 (with a registration)). If you like, you can also enjoy a tea ceremony in a Japaneses tea room (around JPY500 (with a registration)). If you want to bring some Japanese sake or foods back to your country, you can order them by an order-form (during the party) and they will be sent to your hotel in the Friday morning. We hope you can meet and chat with many researchers as well as enjoy Yamaguchi’s culture such as traditional culture, traditional performing arts, foods, and drinks.
You can also have a small souvenir from us. Enjoy the party!!!

  • Date: 14 June, 2012 18:45–21:15
  • Fee: Free for all participants
  • Venue: the front garden of Rurikouji-temple (Kayama Park) (in case of rain, we will go to the other place which has a roof.)

To the venue: You can enjoy a 15mins’ walk from the conference venue to the Rurikouji-temple, but we will also provide you a free transport (bus) from around 18:10. Details will be announced later…